Colin Berry - Pintor Estadounidense

Colin Berry is a Contemporary Realist painter who has studied both historical and
contemporary approaches to oil painting technique and color theory. His under-
graduate and graduate fine art degrees in painting come from the University of
NH(1985) and Boston University(1987) respectively. He received scholarships
in 1984 & 1985 to study in summer programs at Yale University and the Realist
Workshop & Symposium in La Napoule, France. In 1993-94 he was awarded a
Fulbright Grant to study in Italy where he sought out Renaissance masterworks,
attended the Florence Academy of Art, and studied human anatomy at the
Zoological Museum in Florence. In 1998 he attended Nelson Shanks painting
workshop at the Art Students League. He has exhibited on a regional and
national level, and has been featured in American Artist magazine publications twice.

Colin Berry's style can perhaps best be described as a synthesis of the great Realist traditions of the Florentine Italian Renaissance artists and nineteenth century French Academic method.

His goal in paintings is to evoke a mood that is serenely classical, or quietly poetic. "In my work I attempt to observe nature carefully and organize what I see into visually beautiful arrangements with subtle thematic ideas." His Still-Lifes often present a highly focused central theme juxtaposed with an atmospheric landscape that is reminiscent of Renaissance compositions. This main body of work is one that he developed as a result of his experiences in Italy as a Fulbright Grant recipient from 1993-94. A Renaissance sense of space is evident in the work. The artist's arrangements are examples of both completely imaginative compositions and highly refined realism in the classical tradition.

The paintings become vehicles of meditation through the presence of what is depicted visually and emotionally. There is also an undercurrent of classical music present in the work stemming from the artists interest. "In the end my hope is that the work could embody sentiment analogous to a lyric sense of beauty; like classical song."


Amalfi Roses
Oleo - Lino
30 x 24

Oleo - Lino
12 x16

Apricot Roses
Oleo - Lino
10 x 8

Blushing Pears
Oleo - Panel
18 x 24

Bosc Pears

Carnations & Plums
20 x 16

Dahlian Dream
24 x 18

18 x 12

Rose Momento
Oleo - Lino
8 x 10

Teacup Roses
10 x 8

Yellow Roses